Chicago Classic Wrigley Field Rooftop Experience

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Tickets to Regular Season Cubs Game at Chicago Wrigley Field Waveland Rooftop Bleachers with 3-Night Stay

There’s watching a baseball game, and then there’s watching a baseball game from Chicago’s Wrigley Field Waveland Rooftop. This package includes two seats to watch a regular season Chicago Cubs game from the massive rooftop from just off center field. On top of that, enjoy the amazing atmosphere of the private box featuring shorter lines for food, beverages and washrooms. Sky-box style seating with bar height chairs offers plenty of room to stretch back and enjoy the game without the crowds of people around you. Food and beverage is included with this package, and consists of anything from the classic ballpark hot dog, to bottled water, beer and wine. Baseball fan or not, this is truly an amazing experience.

Experience Includes

  • Tickets to the Wrigley Field Waveland Rooftop Bleachers for (2)
  • All-Inclusive Food & Beverage for (2)
  • Daily Breakfast for (2)
  • 3-Night Stay in a Standard Guest Room at a 4-Star Property
  • Airfare not included

Terms and Conditions Apply

NOTE: Valid for the Chicago Cubs regular season games, subject to availability. Excludes Chicago White Sox series, New York Yankees series and may exclude other premium series in future seasons.